The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring



2/10/20222 min read

What is the Web?

To understand the importance of Dark Web Monitoring, let us first explain the meaning of the World Wide Web as we know it.

It is no wonder that Icebergs are often used to portray the depth of the Surface, Deep and Dark web, because the internet as we know it is so immense, what most of us use every day barely scratches the surface of what is out there!

In our day to day lives, we use search engines and the results they give us barely cover 4% of all the data available on the internet! Imagine. Those millions and millions of search results only cover 4% of the internet. 

Where’s the other 96%? Well, that’s in the Deep Web where there are subpages and archives and restricted access data. And in there is the Dark Web.

What are Surface, Deep, and Dark Web?


Surface web is accessible to all and has no restrictions whatsoever. Anything indexed by search engines can be found here. It’s what we would call the World Wide Web.


Deep web includes all information that is not indexed and so it is not accessible via a regular search engine. 


Dark Web is also not indexed but it is where illegal activities occur. If you’ve had a leak, then it is likely your information is available on the Dark Web and this could include very sensitive data such as your full name, health records, bank details, and so much more.

What is the importance of Dark Web Monitoring?

Data that is leaked on the Dark Web can cause a massive amount of damage to both individuals and organizations. The damage could range from personal to financial and even to reputation! When your sensitive information is readily available on the Dark Web, it can be used for blackmailing, reputation damage and even further hacking attacks into your organization.

The cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving but one thing remains constant, data breaches and leaks which end up on the Dark Web. Most people and organizations are not aware that their data has been compromised and so, they are unable to take the necessary steps to mitigate the risk.

The first step then is to monitor the Dark Web and look for leaks.


What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web Monitoring is the process of monitoring data on the Dark Web to find leaked sensitive data and then notify the affected individual or organization of the findings. Furthermore, this discovery can help protect you when followed by a takedown service.

The Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web
The Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web

What are Dark Web Monitoring Tools?

One way we do this at SHELT is by using REVA, a total Brand and VIP protection solution. We have used REVA to protect against Identity Theft, Brand Impersonation and even leaked sensitive data that could lead to fines and penalties for our clients.

REVA monitors the cyberspace, 24/7, identifying threats and taking them down immediately. It also works on social media and dark web monitoring, meaning it can also find impersonations and leaked data and credentials.

To learn even more about how you can monitor and protect your brand and VIP executives, check out REVA and ask for a free demo too. We can help you know what you don’t know.