Traveling? Here's the Cybersecurity you need to pack!

If you're going away for a vacation this summer, you need this cybersecurity packing checklist!


7/27/2022 0 min read

We know your travel checklist usually consists of passport, ticket, hotel booking, and now, your vaccine record. But travelers are especially susceptible to vulnerability. Besides being on vacation mode and not caring very much for cybersecurity and your personal data, you are going through many platforms to book tickets or hotels online and happily exposing your data.

Here is the Cybersecurity essentials checklist when on holiday!

1- Avoid Tweeting at your Airline or Geotagging your Hotel!

We're in that day and age where any concern or complaint is taken to Twitter and publicly tweeted. "Hey XYZ Airline! I just arrived in Paris and you've lost my luggage!" may feel like a good thing to tweet when you want to vent but you've just disclosed your name (possibly), your face, your current location, and what flight you took!

This opens up doors to phishing scams as hackers can use that to pose as the airline to get your personal data.

Geotag your hotel on Instagram and you've just disclosed where you are staying and a hacker can use vishing to impersonate you, call the hotel, and maybe take away your travel points.

The key here is to expose as little as possible on vacation.

2- You are on vacay, but 2FA is NOT!

You will be booking your airline ticket, hotel stay, and maybe museum or restaurant visits online. Make sure you choose booking sites that allow two-factor authentication. If you find a booking site that allows weak passwords and no multi-factor authentication, RUN! Keep this in mind as you are entering personal info, credit card info and so much more!

3- Pack a Password Manager!

Yes, we know it is the last thing on your mind but it is really important to have this sorted out before you go away on holiday. One of the major vulnerabilities is reusing a password for several sites and, what's worse, reusing a weak password!

Get a password manager and let it generate and encrypt passwords for you before you even start your online bookings. It's two birds with one stone! You get super complex unhackable passwords and they are encrypted and stored on your device so you don't have to remember them.

4- Go Bio! That's Biometric, not Biodegradable!

So many people are not concerned about their devices when enjoying the sites and so many have left their phones behind in a taxi only to regret the security - or lack thereof - afterwards. Make sure your devices are un-breachable by using biometric access. They may get your phone, but they can't access it without your face or your fingerprint, right?

5- Finally, VPN!

On holiday, you'll be using lots of freely available public wi-fi. From airports, to the metro, or even at your hotel or a cafe, you're opening up your device to an unsecured shared network. Make sure you have downloaded a good VPN app that not only disguises your IP address but also encrypts your sent and received data to make sure no hacker is waiting around to easily grab it.

Enjoy your vacation!