Partnering with global leaders, we work towards ensuring we stay one step ahead of the ever changing cyberthreat landscape.


SHELT’s award-winning team has been protecting businesses from cybersecurity threats for several years. When you partner with SHELT, you are supported by our:

-Technical & Commercial Cybersecurity Experts
-Security Operation Center (SOC) Management Teams
-Diversified Cybersecurity Advisory Services
-Industry Certification Specialists
-Industry focused approach
-Global Threat Intelligence Coverage


At SHELT, we base our values in the foundation of I-TRUST.

The I-TRUST values are the launchpad of everything we do. From customer relations, to employee engagement and retention, we build towards a goal to constantly improve, work together, build win-win relationships, be committed, be responsive, and above all, always honest.

protecting all that matters

Our methodology revolves around a client-centric process that sets the foundation for customized excellence. We believe in forging collaborative partnerships with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and continuously refining our solutions through feedback.

Step by step, we help you realize the biggest security challenges you're facing and then move on to assessing that risk. We then propose customized solutions from our wide array of services to assist you in minimizing those risks.

Once our solutions are in action, we follow through with reports to help you understand the risks that were taken down.

With compliance
and certification

That's right. At SHELT, we walk the talk and we believe this sets an example of excellence for our clients and partners.

We are globally GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified!

SHELT Global Achieves Additional ISO Certification

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