API security

Did you know your APIs are a top target now? Your APIs share your company's most valuable data and they are now a top target for attacks.

APIs are the new way in!

By 2022, API abuses will move from an infrequent to the most-frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.


As 2022 approaches, this prediction could arguably be counted as “missed” – but only because we underestimated the steep rise in attacks on APIs.


What does SALT do?

Discover all your APIs
Continuously inventory all yourAPIs, including shadow andZombie APIs
Prevent sensitive data exposure
Identify the APIs that are exposing PII or other sensitive data
Stop API attacks
Role at Company
Correlate activity to block attackers during reconnaissance
Prevent ATO,
Data Exfiltration
Thwart credential stuffing, account takeover, and data theft attacks
"Shift Left" with proactive API Security
Test APIs in pre-production to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities
Accelerate incident response
Reduce the time needed to understand and resolve incidents
Provide remediation insights
Share leanings from runtime-analysis with dev teams to harden APIs
Accelerate incident response
Tie your API and sensitive data discovery and vulnerability remediation into GRC workflow

Want to secure your APIs?

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What sets SALT apart is the ability to analyze your API traffic over days, weeks, and even months, applying cloud scale and mature algorithms to your API traffic.

We see more than anyone else, so we stop more attacks than anyone else.

You get:
- Better discovery – with smart aggregation of APIs vs. a long list of duplicated endpoints
- Better runtime protection – with insights spanning months of API usage patterns to spot and stop more attacks
- Better shift left security – with pre-prod API testing tuned to your APIs and remediation insights learned in runtime

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